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Jon Moxley, Sami Callihan & Mickie Knuckles vs. Mason Cutter, Devin Cutter & Neil Diamond Cutter

We got a wild brawl and not much else. Neil took some of the most crazy bumps of the match, including a body slam on a bed of glass right at the outset. Mickie’s punches were just lethal. So much stuff going on it’s hard to pin down who was doing what. Callihan broke a chair over one of the Hooligans heads. Both Hooligans took hard powerbombs on a bed of glass. Wait, Callihan was slicing up Neil with a DVD? That’s rather inventive. Moxley was his normal crazy self, wailing on people with a ball bat, taking bumps into barbed wire and glass among other things. Referee at one point was just standing around with his arms crossed and had a look of utter loss and confusion on his face. Sami’s jawbreaker lariat was pretty nasty. Neil got stuffed and brutalized in a trash can courtesy of Mickie and Callihan. German suplex on broken glass to end it was quite brutal, especially due to the fact that Neil’s head caught the corner of the wood that the glass was on. Match went on a bit too long but thus far, the best thing on the show.


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