Josh Cody vs. EZ Money

February 27, 2003

Jardi Frantz vs. JJ Perez

All Pro Wrestling
January 10, 2004

Cheerleader Melissa vs. JT Hyatt

All Pro Wrestling, Hayward, CA 01.10.04
January 10, 2004

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Chris Cole

All Pro Wrestling, Halloween Hell 2003
October 25, 2003

Bobby Quance and B Boy vs. Super Dragon and Jardi Frantz

All Pro Wrestling, Golden Gate Invitational 2002
December 28, 2002

Samoa Joe vs. Frankie Kazarian

All Pro Wrestling, King of Indies 2001
October 27, 2001

B Boy vs. Mike Quackenbush

September 28, 2002

Cheerleader Melissa & Tiffany vs. Vennis DeMarco & Chris Colioni

All Pro Wrestling, Gym Wars 09.28.03
September 28, 2003

American Dragon vs. Doug Williams

All Pro Wrestling
October 27, 2001


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