Scorpio Sky

B-Boy vs. Lil Cholo vs. Scorpio Sky

Alternative Wrestling Show
3rd Women's Tournament
September 28, 2013

Cholo vs. Willie Mack vs. Scorpio Sky

Alternative Wrestling Show
Summer Heat 4
July 20, 2013

Willie Mack, Joey Ryan, Johnny Paradise, Scorpio Sky, Ryan Taylor, B-Boy, Socal Crazy

Alternative Wrestling Show
11th Anniversary Show
March 16, 2013

Ryan Taylor vs. Johnny Goodtime vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Mondo Vega

Alternative Wrestling Show
United Forces 3
December 19, 2010

Johnny Paradise vs. Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky

Alternative Wrestling Show
Halloween Slaughterhouse 2009
October 29, 2009

Super Dragon and Chris Bosh vs. Scorpio Sky and Quicksilver

All Pro Wrestling
Gym Wars 08.23.03
August 23, 2003

Scorpio Sky vs. Chris Bosh

All Pro Wrestling
May 31, 2003


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