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Nate Webb vs. CM Punk

Nate Webb proves how much he rules by having Simpsons clips before “Teenage Dirtbag”. Punk is making his return after his skull fracture suffered 4 months ago at the Jersey J-Cup in a match against Reckless Youth. Punk tries to steal some kid’s hat and the kid won’t let him. After intros, Punk heels on that fan saying no one wants to sit near him because he smells, and even in death no one will want to be buried near him. ZING! The bell rings, but the fan says “I’ll fuck your face up, dude.” Punk goes to the outside and asks him to do so. Punk owns. Ian’s on commentary with Prazak now. Webb tries to get the crowd going. Webb is like the Jack Evans of IWA, as he can take a great beating.


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