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Kid Omega, Kyu Ketsuki & Hailey Hatred vs. Nate Rulez, AJ Kirsh & Rain

All Pro Wrestling brings you fans a special Six Person Mixed Tag Team match pitting the All Pro Rangers, Kid Omega and Kyu Ketsuki, and Hailey Hatred against APW Tag-Team Champions E.G.O, Nate Rulez and AJ Kirsch and Rain. Having both been eliminated from the ChickFight Tournament earlier in the day, the Rangers and E.G.O. had their choice of any of the women they wanted to team with. The All Pro Rangers chose to ad some strength and brutality as well as the power of the suplex, while E.G.O and manager Johnny LaRocca chose the only woman with an E.G.O. just as big as theirs: Rain.


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