Vinny Massaro

Mother Truckin' Otis vs. Vinny Massaro

Big Time Wrestling
July 18, 2008

Vinnny Massaro vs. Low-Ki

All Pro Wrestling
King of Indies 2001
October 26, 2001

Vinny Massaro vs. B Boy

All Pro Wrestling
June 9, 2001

Vinny Massaro vs. Myaki Frantz

All Pro Wrestling
March 24, 2001

The Grimes Brothers vs. The WestSide Playaz

All Pro Wrestling
December 20, 1997

Lady Brenda vs. JR Benson

All Pro Wrestling
Halloween Hell 1997
October 31, 1997

The Grimes Brothers vs. Erin O'Grady and Chris Cole

All Pro Wrestling
Gym Wars 10.18.97
October 18, 1997

Jay Smooth and Tony Jones vs. The Grimes Brothers

All Pro Wrestling
September 19, 1997


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