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Johnny Gargano vs. Tyler Black

Tyler Black's reign as AIW Intense Champ will go down into the record books as one of the most successful title runs in AIW history. After being able to dispatch the likes of Chris Hero and even his best friend Shane Hollister, Black faced one of the men who created the Intense Division. In 2006, Johnny Gargano was a pioneer of the Intense Division, before leaving to due political reasons. Elsewhere, Johnny made a name for himself. Upon returning to AIW, he made it clear he was looking for one thing, The Intense Title. Tyler Black made Gargano prove himself, first against Shane Hollister and then Josh Prohibition. Gargano beat both and came gunning for Black. After having a 15 minute time limit draw, Gargano demanded a 30-minute Iron Man Match. Black agreed and the match was made. Two of wrestling's best wrestlers locked in battle for 30 minutes, regardless of the winner, will be a match remembered for a long time to come.


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