Lizzy Valentine

Morgan Rockafeller vs. Lizzy Valentine

Alternative Wrestling Show
Women's Title Tournament
May 17, 2009

Annie Social vs. Lizzy Valentine

American Championship Pro Wrestling
Sewell, NJ 12.05.08
December 5, 2008

Angel Orsini vs. Lizzy Valentine

Women Superstars Uncensored
WSU on the Road
October 25, 2008

Sara Del Rey vs. Lizzy Valentine

Big Time Wrestling
May 21, 2004

Sarah Stock vs. Lizzy Valentine

World Xtreme Wrestling
1st Annual Women's Elite 8
September 27, 2002

April Hunter vs. Lizzy Valentine

RF Direct
July 7, 2002

Billy Dream & Jessica Dally vs. Malachi & Lizzy Valentine

World Xtreme Wrestling
Shamokin, PA 05.17.02
May 17, 2002


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