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17 Jun 2007

Wesna vs Cheerleader Melissa

ChickFight, Chickfight IX
Wesna and Cheerleader Melissa battled in one of the most incredible fights of modern times back at ChickFight VIII and it's time for the re-match that fans demanded! Watch as the referee is unable to keep the fight in the ring, the fans are unable to stop the fight from taking place on their laps and even the venue isn't big or strong enough to keep the action indoors in what is truly an incredible door bustin', head droppin', box-breakin', traffic stoppin', fan killin'fight!!!


This one is a war pure and simple both ladies gave as much as they took both in the ring on the floor in the chairs and outside on the sidewalk .
One of the 5 all time favorite matches chosen by Cheerleader Melissa-this match saw alot of very good scientific wrestling in the ring but got way out of control outside the ring.In the very beginning Watch a good flying shoulder tackle by Wesna on Melissa,then on top of her striking with some fists to the face,then gets up & lifts off her GWF tee shirt getting some pops from the fans.Watch the excellent bridge work by Melissa & working on the arm & shoulder of Wesna in & outside the ring(would have liked to have seen Wesna use some defensive moves to counter this).Besides both wrestlers using chairs,tables,etc.as weapons outside the ring-of interest to me was when Wesna drinks from a can of Coke(I believe)and spits out the rest in the face of Melissa,then throws the can in her face-did Melissa get nailed!Everybody on their feet watching this.Melissa then gets her turn using a Coke can.These girls should be in a beer drinking contest.This reminds me of the Tupelo concession stand brawls way back when "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert was a wrestling booker.When Wesna threw that chair to the head of Melissa outside the Venue-I am reminded these are trained professional wrestlers and no one should try something like this at home without training.Back in the ring Watch all the chops,then slaps & kicks to the face by both wrestlers,finishing moves,etc.Melissa has alot strength in her shoulders & back & can lift.I liked when Melissa went to the top rope and came down on Wesna-made like Dick The Bruiser for a second-but came down on her abs it looked like-not her throat.I thought the fans were mature & into the match.The Ref was also into the match and did alot of talking adding to the flow of this match.Both girls went all out and I thought this match was Awesome.Maybe in the future these girls can have something like an old fashion traditional Texas Death Match to end the feuding.
In one word.... BRUTAL!!! This match had it all AND THEN SOME! They were on the outside, they were in the ring, they were taking over production, hell, they were even OUTSIDE THE DAMN BUILDING!!!!If you do not watch this match you are missing something special. CHECK IT OUT!!!!
One of the very best Matches (women or men) that I've ever seen.

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