Pro Wrestling is Everywhere - The Silver Screen, The TV Screen, and Now on the Computer Screen Thanks to ClickWrestle

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- While 'The Wrestler' is knocking out Silver-Screen Audiences and TNA and WWE are dominating TV screens, ClickWrestle is bringing professional wrestling to the computer screen. At one time, it was every professional wrestling federation's dream to attain the glitz and glory of its very own television show, but today wrestling promotions are taking to the 'net to get their video broadcasted to the world.

The Way Wrestling Was Promotion Joins ClickWrestle

We at ClickWrestle are going back in time. NO, we don't have a time machine here at HQ (That would be sweet!), but we have a new channel for you out there. It's called The Way Wrestling Was Promotion (T3WP), and they specialize in wrestling the way you might remember it. You know, with things like "baby faces", "heels", and crazy managers trying to interfere.

Coming soon you'll be seeing these matches:

NWA Underground joins the Clickwrestle family!

Ladies and gentlemen, ClickWrestle is proud to announce the addition of NWA Underground to our growing list of premium video channels. NWA Underground is going to be providing us with matches from names the likes of Jimmy Jacobs, Larry Sweeney, and Kimberly Kash, as well as some of the rising stars of NWA Underground.

Some of the matches you will be seeing in the upcoming weeks are: