World Famous Flea Market S02E72 Joe Rules vs. Dr. Click Midget Wrestling?

Welcome to the world famous flea market. Here you will see the best of the worst in professional wrestling together with incredible commentary by the world famous "Hot" Johnny August and Ross "I'm Drunk" Vegas.

On this episode of the Flea Market we head to Umpa Lumpa Land. Either this ring is super tall or both these guys are part of Willy Wonka's candy slave camp. This match took place in 1979 we think at a In Your Doll House match. We aren't sure if this match is all about sand bagging or these midgets have such short arms they can't help.

If you are offended by the fact you were featured on the show we suggest you grow a set of balls, quit crying like a little bitch, this is your wake up call YOU SUCK! If you are one of these poor bastards that were dumb enough to put their match on the internet, thank you. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show.


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