World Famous Flea Market S02E75 Wal-Mart Parking Lot Brawl Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere

Welcome to the world famous flea market. Here you will see the best of the worst in professional wrestling together with incredible commentary by the world famous "Hot" Johnny August and Ross "I'm Drunk" Vegas.

On this episode of the Flea Market we head to one of the largest companies in the world. Nope, not the WWE. We didn't mean largest pro wrestling companies. We meant retail companies, or at least their parking lot. Introducing the Wal-Mart parking lot hardcore falls count anywhere brawl. We aren't 100% sure but this has to be in the south. There is no way anyone with any kind of dignity would post this match or show on unless they were from the south. Today we have The Syndicate VS Rick Russo & David Kyzer, to be honest we have no idea who's who in this match. This is basically four guys who went and got their gimmicks at the Wal-Mart they are wrestling in front of. Went to the hardware department and picked up some shit to hit each other with. We had to make this match more exciting by adding a lightsaber duel in the middle of it. There are several celebrity sightings as well, Scott Hall, Michael J Fox and even the Italian Stallion from WCW.

If you are offended by the fact you were featured on the show we suggest you grow a set of balls, quit crying like a little bitch, this is your wake up call YOU SUCK! If you are one of these poor bastards that were dumb enough to put their match on the internet, thank you. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show.


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