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Sativa vs. Diana

Sativa is upset that she is not getting the respect she deserves. Diana merely tells her that in order to get respect it needs to be earned. Sativa can think of nothing better than to take on Diana to earn that respect! (both ladies are clad in lifeguard like outfits btw! :) Sativa hits Diana with a low blow to the midsection followed up by a double ax handle to get Diana grounded. Sativa then tries to squeeze the life out of Diana by using her powerful legs to put diana in a series of body and neck scissors and of course. Diana refuses to tap out! From there diana does the quick turnaround and gets the jump on sativa with a bear hug. Body shots. Knees lifts. Reverse bear hug. Reverse surfboard. Body scissors and more! Sativa looks like she is out on her feet as she was not for diana's offense! Diana then smells victory as she locks sativa in her patent figure four neck sleeper! When will these newbies ever learn?


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