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If you missed the March 15th edition of Online World of Wrestling Radio with host Alan Wojcik, contributors Spug & Mase of Wrestle Talk Radio; here's the highlights:

Alan opened the program by telling the listeners our scheduled 9pm guest Sid Vicious was suffering from the flu and would be on next week's program.

The program moved to a review of last Thursday’s TNA iMPACT and Sunday's Victory Road PPV that saw a 1:28 long main event among other horrible matches. The contributors weighed in on what they felt happened and should Jeff Hardy be fired by Dixie Carter & Jeff Jarrett, if Daffney can file a worker's compensation claim against TNA from her injuries suffered against Rosie Lottsalove which brought Tim Stein of Wrestle Talk Radio on the program. The contributors spoke about the upcoming two weeks of iMPACT taped over the previous two days and how they are disgusted with the product.

Our 100% free to the listeners interview was with new OWW Radio Baseball Analyst Steve Corino who fielded questions on the 2011 season, spoke about the horrific situation in Japan having just missed the disaster by days, would he accept an offer from Kayfabe Commentaries to be part of their Timeline ECW series, would he have allowed Jeff Hardy past the Gorilla position, and his upcoming tour in Australia. Log onto www.IHateSteveCorino.com for tour info.

After an excellent hour long interview, the focus shifted to WWE Monday Night RAW & Friday Night SmackDown! as we inch closer to April 3rd and WrestleMania 27. Spug & Mase gave their opinions on the addition of Drew Carey to the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class, Jersey Shore cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's appearance on Raw and her addition to WrestleMania 27, having Christian & Edge as a tag team again and spoke about the announced cast for Tough Enough 5.0.

Spug addressed a listener e-mail he felt was offensive and challenged its writer Shane Cox to call into the program during the 3/29 broadcast. Alan broke from his normal boycott of acknowledging other radio programs by thanking Shockage of the OWW Genesis forum for helping take down Alan's personal photo a former radio personality used as an avatar. Alan reminded listeners, radio hosts and venom hating morons, "I may not be on 24/7, but I am better than you." Mase & Spug congratulated Alan on letting his guard down and reminded him of the praise they received from listeners for last week's interview with Road Warrior Animal which is available for download RIGHT NOW!

Alan reminded fans March 26th 2001 was the end of an era, the closing of the once great World Championship Wrestling. The promotion was purchased by the rival WWE. On our March 22nd show we will celebrate the legacy of WCW with two former members of their roster, former Monday Nitro announcer Scott Hudson & former WCW superstar Marcus "Buff" Bagwell!

March 29th will be our WrestleMania 27 preview show with your favorite media contributors and your calls.

The show can also be found on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/oww-radio/id334739148?ign-mpt=uo%3D4. Best part it’s FREE!!

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