OWW Radio - Rave Night (guest Jimmy Rave)

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***Wrestle Talk Radio’s Tim Stein joined the program with Mase to discuss the Visa issues experienced by Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre, the wwe.com poll on the greatest Intercontinential heavyweight champion of all time, the Bryan Danielson 90 day countdown plus stories in Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Raw’s Money in the Bank PPV match, Ricky Steamboat, the anonymous GM and who they would eliminate from NXT.

***Maverick of Running the Ropes joined to break down the cryptic message delivered by Abyss on Impact, the announced site for the Bound for Glory PPV, plus updates on the rumors regarding Paul Heyman, Ken Doane, Lisa Varon and new Victory Road matches.

***Alan spoke with Rampage Pro Wrestling’s Jimmy Rave about his career in ROH, FIP, TNA, NWA Wildside, his mentors in the business, favorite opponents and Bryan Danielson’s July 31st appearance for RPW. See the promotion’s site www.RampageProWrestling.net for details.

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