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Alan paid tribute to “Mr. America” Steve Stanlee and Robert “Cowboy Bob” Bradley whom recently passed away.

Spug of Wrestle Talk Radio joined the program with Sarah and Ari Daigen of In This Very Ring (http://inthisveryring.blogspot.com/) to break down WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV, the fallout on Raw that will lead to Summerslam, TNA’s “Hardcore Superstar’s” debut and how it will shape the upcoming Hard Justice PPV, news on Hulk Hogan’s health and rumors about both promotions.

The evening’s first guest was Former WWE superstar Tatanka who spoke with Alan and Spug for nearly one hour on his time in WWF in 1991-1996, his Lumbee heritage, feelings on professional sports teams using Native American mascots, his role in the Lumbee and Lakota tribes, memories of Owen Hart & Yokozuna, traveling with the Undertaker, handling the success his character on and off camera and much more including his appearances in Kentucky and Miami. Tatanka has a website www.nativetatanka.com

The second guest was Coastal Championship Wrestling promoter and performer Bruno Sassi to talk about this Saturday’s event in Miami, his career in Florida, his role in TNA with the Main Event Mafia, his Phi Delta Slam partner Big Tilly, thoughts on former trainee MVP and where he feels the business is going next. Log onto www.ccw.ms for event information.

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