OWW Radio Episode 22 - pt1 Robert and Pam Allyn "The Solie Chronicles"

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OWW Radio 22 part 1 hosted by Nick Anthony is now available for your listening pleasure. OWW Radio proudly presents a rare and exclusive 1 hour interview with this week's featured guest; amateur wrestling great and multiple time NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge.

OWW Radio also features a special interview with Robert and Pamela Allyn - the son in law and daughter of the Dean of Wrestling Gordon Solie, and co-authors of The Solie Chronicles, a biography based on the life and times of the late, great wrestling announcer.

In addition to our exclusive interviews, OWW Radio #22 discusses the recent Jeff Hardy arrest, and ECW alumnus New Jack rings through the OWW Radio Toll Free number to share his thoughts on Jeff Hardy and the wrestling media.

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