Dash Riprock and Ivory vs. Tiffany and Shane Ballard
Ivory and Kid Kool vs. Tiffany and Dash Riprock
Cheerleader Melissa and Tiffany vs. Ladies Choice and Scotty Mac
Madison and Tony Tisoy vs. Pyro and Ice
Madison and Fast Freddy Funk vs. Sexy Samantha Slides and Ladies Choice
Sal and Vito Thomaselli vs. CJ Otis and Mickie Knuckles
Immortal Fear vs. The Mafia vs. Girls Gone Wrestling vs. All Pro Rangers
Bakersfield, CA 08.06.05
Tiffany and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Billy Blade and Kadin
JJ Perez vs. Tiffany and Puma
Bakersfield, CA 06.25.05
The Ballard Brothers and Luscious vs. Kid Omega, Kyu Ketsuki and Cheerleader Melissa
Cheerleader Melissa and Tiffany vs. Killa J and James Watkins
Gym Wars 05.28.05
Tiffany vs. James Watkins
Misterioso and Princess Sugey vs. Nate Rulez and Tiffany
Ivory, Jason Styles and Shane Kody vs. Luscious J and The Ballard Brothers
Gym Wars 04.02.05
Immortal Fear vs. Cheerleader Melissa and Derek Sanders
Garage Rumble 2005
APW Garage Rumble 2005
Alexa Thatcher vs. Corvis Fear
Gym Wars 02.19.05
Cheerleader Melissa vs. KAFU
Bakersfield, CA 01.29.05
Cheerleader Melissa vs. Puma
Cheerleader Melissa and JJ Perez vs. Puma and Eric Matlock