Vanessa Kraven

10 matches

Vanessa Kraven

Vanessa Kraven vs. Jody D’Milo

Volume 16
October 25, 2014

Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Vanessa Kraven

Volume 70
October 19, 2014

Vanessa Kraven vs. Jessicka Havok

Volume 68
October 18, 2014

Kay Lee Ray vs. Vanessa Kraven

Volume 62
April 5, 2014

Jaime D vs. Vanessa Kraven

Déclaration D'Indépendance 2008
July 11, 2008

Vanessa Kraven & Sexxxy Eddy vs. Kacey Diamond & eXeSs

Northern Championship Wrestling
October 12, 2007

Vanessa Kraven vs. Rachel Summerlyn

Queen of the Death Matches 2006
November 3, 2006


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