Jesse Jimenez, Tommy Angels, Imperio and Dana Lee vs. Kyu Ketsuki, Kid Omega, Sean Pulver and Ricky Fontaine
All Pro Wrestling Tag-Team Battle Royal
Gym Wars 01.28.06
AJ Kirsch and Nate Rulez vs. Tito Aquino and Tommy Angels
Bakersfield, CA 01.21.06
Rulez, Angels, Kirsch, Funnybone vs. Ketsuki, Omega, Imperio, Pulver
Gym Wars 04.02.05
Kid Omega, Great Tenchi and Kyu Ketsuki vs. Vennis DeMarco, Chris Colioni and Tommy Angels
Halloween Hell 2004
12-Person InterGender Elimination Match
Gym Wars 06.26.04
Vennis DeMarco, Big Sal and Tiffany vs. Tommy Angels, Lance Chandler and Cheerleader Melissa
Orlando Mathias vs. Tommy Angels
Garage Rumble 2004
APW Garage Rumble 2004