3rd Annual Women's Tournament
Men vs. Women 5-on-5
Mike Modest vs. Shane Ballard
Davina Rose and Shane Ballard vs. Melissa Coates and Shannon Ballard
Shane Ballard vs. Chico Navarro
Shoot 2 Thrill vs. Glitz and Glamour vs. Wild Storm and Shane Ballard
Wildstorm and Shoot 2 Thrill vs. The Ballard Brothers and L'Empereur
Dash Riprock and Ivory vs. Tiffany and Shane Ballard
Bakersfield, CA 06.25.05
The Ballard Brothers and Luscious vs. Kid Omega, Kyu Ketsuki and Cheerleader Melissa
Ivory, Jason Styles and Shane Kody vs. Luscious J and The Ballard Brothers
Garage Rumble 2005
Robert Thompson and Boyce LeGrande vs. The Ballard Brothers
Ballard Brothers vs. L'empereur and Hop Sing Lee
The Road Warriors vs. The Ballard Brothers
The Ballard Brothers and Cheerleader Melissa vs. KAFU, Larry Blackwell and Sara Del Rey
The Bronx Bombers vs. The Ballard Brothers with Cheerleader Melissa
Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande vs. The Ballard Brothers