Gym Wars 07.29.06
Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sean Pulver
San Francisco, CA 04.15.06
Vennis DeMarco and Chris Colioni vs. Sean Pulver and Tito Aquino
Gym Wars 03.25.06
AJ Kirsch and Nate Rulez vs. Tito Aquino and Sean Pulver
Jesse Jimenez, Tommy Angels, Imperio and Dana Lee vs. Kyu Ketsuki, Kid Omega, Sean Pulver and Ricky Fontaine
Bakersfield, CA 01.21.06
Rulez, Angels, Kirsch, Funnybone vs. Ketsuki, Omega, Imperio, Pulver
Gym Wars 09.17.05
Sean Pulver vs. The Great Tenchi
Sean Pulver vs. KAFU
Gym Wars 07.23.05
Killa J Mathias vs. Sean Pulver