Rachel Summerlyn vs. Mickie Knuckles
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This match up is the final round of the Volcano Girls 2 tournament. Squaring off for the crown is Mickie Knuckles and Rachel Summerlyn. Both of these ladies have been through two matches already, and all they need is one more victory to be crowned the winner. Mickie Knuckles looks a little worse for wear after a brutal attack from Sara Del Rey earlier in the evening. Will she be able to muster the strength to go home a winner? Will Rachel Summerlyn shock the world and steal one from Mickie Knuckles? Find out now!

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I was looking for this match because I heard of the piledriver that was in it from the Rebecca Payne Micky Knuckles match when Rebecca Piledrived Micky and they mentioned it. Thank God for clickwrestle.

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