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Taeler Hendrix vs. Marti Belle

Taeler Hendrix beat Marti Belle. Belle drew the ire of the crowd coming out lip syncing her Nickleback entrance music. Hendrix tried to grab Belle’s hair when she went to the floor, so Belle slapped her across the face. Belle did a lot of hair pulling as she dominated the action during the early stages of the match. Hendrix mounted a comeback and nailed Belle with a huge chop. Belle countered a whip and slapped Hendrix across the face. Hendrix fired back and went for a handstand into the corner with Belle seated up top, but Belle shoved her to the mat. Belle missed a splash off the second rope and the crowd tried to rally behind Hendrix. Hendrix hit a slap to the face and a nice kick to Belle’s face for the win. This was short, but Hendrix looked good here hitting some nice athletic kicks to mount a comeback and then put away Belle. (*3/4) Review by Sean Radican, Torch columnist

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