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Leva Bates & Xandra Bale vs. Jasmin & Jody D'Milo

Bates and Bale came out dressed like the X-Men. Bates and Bale whipped D’Milo and Jasmin into each other during the early stages of the match, but the spot came off awkward and D’Milo didn’t even sell colliding with her partner. Bates worked over D’Milo, who eventually tagged out after Bates overwhelmed her. Bale and Jasmin went at it inside the ring. Bale got the upper hand on Jasmin and caught her with a pinning combination for a 2 count. Bale got cut off and D’Milo began working her over. Jasmin tried to run in with the ref distracted and Bale tied upside down, but she ran right into Bale’s knee. D’Milo yelled at Jasmin and Bale was nearly able to tag out, but she got cut off. Jasmin ran in with Bale on D’Milo’s shoulders, but D’Milo swung Bale’s legs right into Jasmin. Bates got the hot tag and ran wild on D’Milo. They appeared to mess up another spot with Jasmin breaking up a pin on D’Milo. Jasmin got sent to the outside and Bale and Bates nailed her with a series of kicks for the pin. This was rough with a lot of light looking offense and spots that were sloppy. (*) After the match, The Social Network attacked Bale and Bates. They ended up beating them down before sending them to the floor. It looks like we have the setup for a match at GNO 10. e ring and tied her up in a combination arm/leg submission. Garrett finally verbally submitted. This was a solid match overall with both women going back and forth for the duration. (**1/2)
Review by Sean Radican, Torch columnist

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