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Annie Social vs. Jewells Malone

Malone wiped out the Social Network with a dive off the apron after some early back and forth exchanges in the ring. Malone was overwhelmed by the numbers game on the outside and Social tossed her back into the ring and began working her over. Social worked over Malone for a long period of time with the Social Network aiding her from the outside, but Malone fired back with a forearm off the second turnbuckle. Social cut off Malone quickly and continued to work her over. The crowd tried to rally behind Malone as she continued to take a beating from Social. Malone mounted a comeback and got a rollup for a 2 count. Social countered a Samoan drop with a split and then she hit a crotch punch. Social then hit a modified stunner for the win. This was fine for an opening match, but there wasn’t much to it. (*1/2) Review by Sean Radican, Torch columnist

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