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Jenn Czeck vs. Izabella

Visiting guest wrestler Jenni czech enters The Thunder Zone to take on new thunderkitten-Izabella. The winner goes to face sasha in the next round. The loser goes against the Dark Machine. Jenni. Who has the experience. Surprises her larger opponent with her mat wrestling skills. But Izabella is not about to lose her spot in the tournament and gets mean and nasty and quickly takes Jenni out with a series of running body splashes and a vice grip sleeperhold.scissors after neck scissors sfter...well u get the idea! Sativa is not done as she hits Serena with two clotheslines and gets her into a painful grape vine stretch! Sativa is all over Serena and mad as hell! The match ends with Sativa quickly putting a figure four neck sleeper hold on the fatal beauty and sending her to la la land! Never smack an Italian in the face Serena. They dont like that! One of the most sexiest matches we ever shot with two of our sexiest wrestlers:)

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