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Niki Lee Young vs. Dark Machine

Enter the International Superstar , Playboy and Hustler model Niki Lee Young!!! And this hot blonde bombshell is making her debut match with the one and only Dark Machine! Niki however surprises the man monster and her audience by attacking the machine from the start. Taunting him as well as keeping him on the defense with low blows, kicks to his groin, foot stomps and strong leg scissors that surprise the man monster. Niki knocks the wind out of the man monster with her multiple body splash presses and even tries for a cover. But from there, Niki finds out that the more you piss the big guy off, the more pain your about to receive. The Machine attacks the blonde ambition with monstrous clotheslines, huge body blows to her perfect tummy., and some body splashes of his which knock the life out of poor Niki Niki is praying also to wake up from her nightmare as the Machine finishes off the complete package with his power bomb finisher!!! "Niki is the sexiest jobber to ever grace the Thunder Kitten's"-Fan 1...2...3...DOWNLOAD!!

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