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Apocalypse vs. Dark Machine V

Out for absolute revenge, The Machine now goes after Apocalypse The Goddess Of Destruction! The Machine finds out that it was Apocalypse who blind sided him with a pipe when he wrestled Frankie Napoli. Now it's just The Machine and Apocalypse and he makes her pay!!! The Machine attacks her with knee and body blows, bear hugs, forearms smashes and lots and lots of painful stretch and submission holds, belly punches, full nelsons, firemans carry into a samoan drop, clotheslines, The Machine constantly knocks the wind out of The Goddess Of Destruction until finally locks her into a standing sleeper hold that puts apocalypse into dreamland and The Machine going for the three count just to satisfy his thirst for revenge!! You will actually feel sorry for the beating Apocalypse got in this match.

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