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30 Oct 2013

Zara vs. Dark Machine VI

The Dark Machine continues his onslaught,,this time his victim is Zara (Zara is in a beautiful royal blue two piece bikini) From start to finish, it is all Machine. Smashing the dark haired beauty with clotheslines, gorilla presses,multi-forearms to the chest, multi-body blows to her midsection, reverse chin locks, over the knee back breakers, stomach cruncher, head pounds to the mats, rear naked chokes, firemans carrys and much much more! Zara is beaten from start to finish in this one sided match that made her shine as a jobber/submissive Order now!!!


Does Anyone else think that this "Dark Machine" Dude Is Having Way Too Much Fun In These Matches! Nothing Screams Bully Than A Big Fat Dude In a Punisher Mask!

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