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Diana vs. Mimi

Mimi doesn't like the fact that she is constantly being made fun of her size and skills So, she challenges the boss, Diana to a match From the start, its more of a one sided match as Diana teaches Mimi all about her being the Queen of Squeeze. Diana uses her legs as lethal weapons to drain the life out of the Mighty One. Diana unloads with body punches, camel clutches and an arrays of body and neck scissors, bear hugs and double axe handle smashes We were even amazed when Diana powered Mimi into a piledriver hold,,but did not execute,,,maybe next time D:) But Mimi doesn't take it for long and a quick turnaround takes Diana by surprise with her own array of body shots and leg scissors. In the end, One girl is left laying flat on her back with another girl over her in a school girl victory pin!! You'll never guess who:)

Friday, November 1, 2013
277 MB
Price: $9.99