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Mimi vs. Dark Machine II

In this match , Dark machine starts his rampage and onslaught!! His first victim, the Mighty Mimi This match is completely one-sided and Mimi does not stand a chance The Machine attacks with and elbows to her forehead, numerous head butts, clotheslines, back breakers , multiple blows to her head, multiple forearms to her midsection, and hairpulls after hairpulls that have Mimi wincing in pain! A huge power bomb finishes Mimi off but thats not all! There is an extra footage from a match with Diana vs. Mimi where the Machine comes in and helps Mimi up only to punish her some more!! There is even a huge gorilla press that Machine delivers to Mimi SCREAM AND DOWNLOAD IF YOU LOVE ONE SIDED SQUASH MATCHES!!

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