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Frankie and Mimi vs. Dark Machine

By order of the boss Diana, Frankie and Mimi must team up to take on the Dark Machine Frankie and Mimi are clad in Hooter-Like Outfits and of course we know this is fan favorite The match begins and it looks like Frankie and Mimi seem to be working well together attacking the machine w running splashes, clotheslines, stomps, double scissor holds and splashes. It is when Frankie insults Mimi for being too small for wrestling is when the match takes a turn!!! And a misplaced led pipe, gets the Machine mad!!! From there, its monster clotheslines, bear hugs, Samoan Drops, forearm smashes, choke slams and a vicious beat down that both girls will not soon forget. Frankie is again wishing she is someplace else as her reverse standing head scissors gets inverted into a power bomb laying the Italian beauty out once again at the hands of the man monster Both Mimi and Frankie put on an entertaining show for the fans,,,plus the Hooter-like outfits kinda help:)

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