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Jessie Belle vs. Dark Machine V

ATTENTION BELL RINGERES!!! Jessie Belle returns to the Thunder Zone with a new look, new attitude and this time in full Thunder Zone attire!!! She takes on the man monster ,,,the Dark Machine AGAIN but this time in a full blown 40 minutes 2 out of 3 falls match !! See all the back and forth action, pro moves, holds, near falls, sleeper holds, dirty tactics from each opponent, back breakers, body slams, splashes, choke holds, and power bombs. ITS ALL IN THERE!!! And lurking in the background, a surprise mystery guest that takes Jessie Belle by surprise and thru the Machines House of Pain!!! As entertaining as Jessie is, you must get this match!!! At this price,,,,ARE U KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW??!!!!

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