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Sophia Thorne vs. Dark Machine

Introducing the newest Indy Wrestler Sophia Thorne!! Standing at only 5'3 this Latino wrestler is a house of fire and tough enough too! And what better way to prove herself by taking on the man monster ,,THE DARK MACHINE!!! The Machine tries to overpower her, but Sophia's speed and skill catch the man monster by surprise. She immediately hits him with numerous forearms, knee lifts, double axe handles and an array of leg holds, pretzel holds, even gets the machine into a mini-pedigree. Our mouth dropped when Sophia actually pinned the beast for a two count. But little did Sophia, that once you make the Machine angry,,,you want to be somewhere else. The Machine subjected Sophia to all kinds of moves including body slams, over the shoulder pancake slam, monstrous clotheslines,,,its just too much to list in this back and forth battle A Samoan drop later leaves Sophia flattened and the Machine ready to welcome her to the zone with a powerful choke slam,,but somehow we think Sophia already looking for a rematch!!

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