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Frankie Napoli vs. Dark Machine III

By order of the Boss-Diana. Frankie must face a defeat the Dark Machine so that she may advance in the tournament for the Thunder Zone Championship! Frankie is not looking forward to it! The match starts and the Machine takes an early advantage. But, after missing with a running splash. Frankie bombards the Machine with knee lifts. Body blows. Leg scissors. Surfboards and vicious stomps! Frankie make the mistake of letting the Machine get to his feet. And attacks Frankie with massive knee lifts. Mud hole stomping. Stomach stretches. Scoop slams. And a massive head butt that nearly knocks Frankie completely out! However. You will never guess the surprise ending and who winds up winning this match! We could tell you. But then we would have to send the machine to your homes and raid your refrigerators! Nah. Just order the match instead

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