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Krysten Nicole vs. Dark Machine VI

Another day and another challenge for the champ Krysten Nicole! But this time, Krysten is not ready for the mood the Dark Machine is in! Krysten lets the Dark Machine know how disappointed she is in him as he let Apocalypse play him for a fool of course. The Machine is not happy with that and lets Krysten know he is the same brutal machine!The Machine lets loose with body blows. Knee lifts. Full nelsons lifts. Body slams. Bow and arrow holds. Over the knee back breakers and splashes. Krysten tries to counter, But the Machine is too enraged and Krysten winds up on the end of the Machine's torture rack! Further humiliated her, he uses her as a stepping stone and walks over her and off the mats!
You will love the two piece Krysten decided to wrestle in.... She looks awesoooome!

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