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Azani vs. Krysten Nicole

The Queen of Bling returns and GETS the Thunder Zone Champion..,. Krysten Nicole! Azani wants a shot at Krysten Nicole's title. However. Krysten believes that Azani has nowhere near earned a title shot! Azani refuses to believe that and from the start attacks Krysten in this one sided beat-down of the champ! From start to finish its all Azani! Headshots, Forearm smashes, Clotheslines, Double axe handles to krysten's back, Powerful leg scissors, Bearhugs, Over the knee back breakers, Mini-airplane spins! Azani is just unstoppable and intense! The match ends when Azani locks on her bed-stuy bear claw to Krysten's small cranium removing the blood flow from Krysten's head and leaving the Queen of Bling walking off with the belt and her unsanctioned win over the champ.
Azani is back people....and she is here to stay!

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