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Apocalypse vs. Dark Machine IV

Apocalypse is deeply concerned that the machine is coming for her to seek revenge for her betrayal. She then gets the idea to take the machine out! The machine shows up and Apocalypse is nothing but nice to him. Thinking everything is cool the machine makes the mistake of trusting her. She then grabs a steel pipe and hits him from behind. From there, Apocalypse uses her size and strength and puts the machine in various holds, Camel clutcheS, Stomps, Body blows, Knee lifts, Powerful body and leg scissors. Its the first time we see the machine dominated! She then hits him with not one but two choke slams! And to further humiliate, she sits square on his head with a reverse school girl pin! But, the Machine still has some fight left in him and Apocalypse grabs the pipe and repeatedly beats down the Machine. One yell of "four! " from the goddess of destruction and she lands a fatal blow in the back of machines head! The Machine is totally taken out.
Apocalypse.... Watch you back!

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