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Sativa vs. Apocalypse III

This is a specialty match where Sativa takes on Apocalypse wearing nothing but a black top, tights and a mini skirt. Apocalypse is in white and wears a white mini skirt with red tights. Sativa tries to ambush Apocalypse by attacking her from behind by piggybacking on her with a sleeper hold. Once Sativa gets Apocalypse grounded, she holds her down with a reverse grapevine and front grapevine.Sativa then gets a leather strap and wraps it around Apocalypse's neck and rides her like a pony! Apocalypse will not stand for that! Letting Sativa thinks she's won. Apocalypse waits for sativa to drop her guard then sweeps her legs from behind her now the punishment begins as apocalypse wraps the leather strap around sativa's neck and tortures her with grapevines. Camel clutches. And even sits on sativa's face for added humility. Apocalypse then walks her around like a trained puppy dog to further humiliate the italian from long island the match ends with apocalypse pulling hard on the strap around sativa's neck until she fades out. And then, counting sativa out with a school girl pin! Fans of a humiliation match will enjoy it from start to finish!

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