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Sativa vs. Serena

The Italian from Long Island returns to the Thunder Zone taking on the fatal beauty, Serena! The match starts out by watching these two beauties stretching in there curvaceous outfits and tights. Fans will appreciate how well these beauties fit so well in their outfits:) Sativa is now looking for a win. And Serena is looking to climb the ladder to the top! From the lock up, Sativa tries to gain the upper hand. But Serena has the more experience and gets Sativa into a submissive position bombarding her with body shots, Knee lifts and keeping Sativa grounded with her sexy leg scissors and stretching Sativa's body into pretzel holds. Sexy pins bend Sativa's body into places she could not possible imagine! Sativa tries to come back but Serena is just too skilled for the Long Island Italian.
Serena then adds insult to injury and slaps Sativa across the face. Big mistake! It is a diffrent Sativa now, as she fiercely attacks Serena with a football tackle into a body scissors. Her neck scissors squeeze the life out of the fatal beauty. Sativa uses the long raven hair of Serena's to gain the advantage and gets Serena into neck scissor after body scissors after neck scissors sfter...well u get the idea! Sativa is not done as she hits Serena with two clotheslines and gets her into a painful grape vine stretch! Sativa is all over Serena and mad as hell! The match ends with Sativa quickly putting a figure four neck sleeper hold on the fatal beauty and sending her to la la land! Never smack an Italian in the face Serena. They dont like that! One of the most sexiest matches we ever shot with two of our sexiest wrestlers:)

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