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Jessie Belle vs. Diana II

Jessie is hoping that this time she gets her wish and gets Krysten Nicole for a championship match! To her surprise, she gets the boss Diana. But Diana is wearing the colors of the Confederate flag. A suit that looks really good and fits every curve on the boss! Jessie is enraged as she feels Diana is mocking her! Diana simply says. "To beat a redneck, dress like one! " And from there it is all out war! This time it is Diana who lands the first punch and goes after Jessie. Diana uses her swiftness to avoid some of Jessie's dirty south tactics. Diana uses her strong legs to scissor and squeeze the Southern belle but Jessie keeps fighting back! It is a hard fought back and forth battle as Diana applies her figure four body scissors and grapevine holds on Jessie every chance she gets. Jessie tries to shake the life out of Diana with her reverse bear hug and back and forth roll up pin that give a two count to both ladies. Jessie is then taken by surprise as Diana hits Jessie with a reverse bear hug of her own. Setting Jessie up for her figure four scissor and sleeper combo! Looks like this Southern belle learned one thing....Never ever cross the boss!

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