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Jessie Belle vs. Dark Machine IV

Jessie Belle is feeling really confident now that she has beaten both the machine and Diana. Pressing her luck, she calls out the Dark Machine to deliver another beating.
Big mistake! Jessie has a little bit of the upper hand in the beginning, but the machine "hulks out" and Jessie wishes she was someplace else. He attacks Jessie using an array of shoulder blocks, body blows, powerful scissor holds, forearm to the solarplexes, body slams, and body splashes! Jessie tries to make a comeback as she uses dirty south tactics such as eye gouges, Low blows, and blatant choke holds to get several near falls against the man monster. But the Machine strikes back and bombards Jessie with fireman's carry into a Samoan drop, Powerful bear hugs. Head butts and a torture rack that weakens the Southern belle. The Machine then adds to the punishment and puts Jessie to dream world as he locks in a patent sleeper-hold once again. The entertainment factor is huge and this is an absolute add on to your collection

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