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Jessie Belle vs. Diana

As Jessie Belle calls out the champ Krysten Nicole, along comes the boss, Diana! Diana is not only upset with Jessie Belle, but Diana is also the reason why Jessie is not getting a title shot! Diana tells Jessie that until the southern belle learns some respect about her company, her champion and her state, Jessie will never get a shot at Krysten Nicole.
Jessie then decides to take it out on the boss herself and attacks Diana! Diana is totally taken by surprise as Jessie hits her with stomach shots, Low stomps, Scissor holds. knees and foot across the throat, Camel clutches, bear claws to head, submission holds, and all around cheap shots. It is the first time Diana is dominated in any match! And we know how much she hates that! But Jessie continues her onslaught and leaves Diana TKO'ed at the hands of Jessie's sleeper definitely a match you want to have. And a rematch that Diana will plan!

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