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Frankie Napoli vs. Krysten Nicole vs. Dark Machine II

The tables turn on the italian philly sensation as both krysten and the dark machine seek revenge on frankie napoli! Krysten calls out frankie and takes it to the italian beauty showing frankie why she is the thunder zone champion! She hits frankie with side headlocks. Body splashes. And her patented figure four neck scissors frankie is strong but inexperienced against krysten and winds up on the receiving end of krysten's boston crabbe! The dark machine then has his revenge as he attacks frankie with powerful knees lifts. Body shots. Bear hugs. Body splashes. Over the knee back breakers and body slams that leave frankie flopping and flipped around all over the mat(and she looks good doing it too). Fans of the one sided squash match will appreciate these matches! Download and have your experience with frankie now!

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