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The Canadian Ninjas vs. Made in Sin vs. LuFisto & Kana vs. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa

We start things off with Allysin Kay and LuFisto in the ring. LuFisto gets in control with a bodyslam and a senton bomb, then tags in Kana, and the pair instantly make an impact with a stunner/dropkick combination, before Kay tags in Nicole Matthews…who tags straight over to Nakagawa. Her and Kana in the ring now, who get up to some impressive stuff with Nakagawa hitting a cartwheel dropkick to a seated Kana, before tagging in Portia Perez. Nicole Matthews then tags herself in, and we’re left with both Ninjas in the ring together. Fair enough. They play around with some slow-motion mat wrestling, before Skater enters to stop the fun, clearing house with some nice offense and a big leg drop to Matthews, but Portia breaks up the pin.

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