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6 Apr 2013

Jessicka Havok, Sassy Stephie and Nevaeh vs. Serena Deeb, Leva Bates and Allison Danger

SHIMMER Vol. 53, Shimmer Women
We start proceedings with Nevaeh and Serena. They lock up, and we see some restholds and some nice technical wrestling from both women. Serena gets the upper hand with some big arm drags, and Nevaeh tags in Stephie, who goes on the offensive in the corner. Serena reverses the situation, and lands some bitter overhand chops to Stephie’s chest. That’s gotta sting! Serena tags in Allison Danger, who snapmares Stephie and locks in a straitjacket. She goes to the ropes and teases something big…

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