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Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and Robert Thompson vs. Larry Blackwell, Kafu and Kryptonite

It's time for a six-person elimination tag elimination match from APW Gym Wars featuring Cheerleader Melissa and Sara Del Rey (then known as Nikki). Melissa had just returned from Japan where she had spent a year training with the legendary, Markio Yoshida. A few weeks earlier, Melissa shocked APW fans by coming to the rescue of Sara Del Rey after a vicious beatdown. Now, Melissa and Sara stand side-by-side along with APW general, Robert Thompson to take on the Blackwell Army.

Things looked good for APW's top females, but this match turned ugly towards the end when Melissa turned her back on her friends and fans and joined the Blackwell Army, setting off a feud with Sara Del Rey that continues to this day. Watch this one and enjoy!

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