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Jemma Palmer vs. Jetta

This marks the professional debut of WWE developmental signee and former Gladiators star, Jemma Palmer. This is her first match before a crowd, while it’s one of Jetta’s final matches of her career. Palmer comes out to the ring with her arm in a cast claiming she’s not medically cleared to compete and can’t take part in the match, however the loudmouth from Coventry soon interrupts and berates Jemma before slapping her. Palmer, having had enough, decides to compete despite the arm injury.

This match was a very one-sided affair in Jetta’s favour. I guess Jemma’s greenness is masked by the fact that she is ‘injured’. Not too much offense from Palmer, and the little we do see only shows further how green she is. Jemma is still in training so hopefully she can only get better.

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