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Carmel Jacobs vs. Erin Angel vs. Saraya Knight vs. Melanie Price

This match had a good mix of comedy and great ring work. To explain quickly, EVE works on a gym affiliation basis, making note of which gyms around the UK the wrestlers have come from — sort of like stables/groups. Two participants in this match, Carmel Jacob and Melanie Price, come from the Glamour Gym and are prissy Beautiful People-esque divas. I’m sure you can imagine the tactics involved — not wanting to get into the ring, cheating etc.

The other two participants are UK wrestling legend, Saraya Knight, and Erin Angel, who at 23 years old already has 8 years of in-ring experience. Despite the unfortunate Kelly Kelly-esque chaps, Erin Angel is a great babyface. She’s pretty, cute and bubbly and manages to get the crowd on side.

Good, solid match from start to finish. I was particularly impressed with Erin Angel who plays her babyface role really well and has a good in-ring repertoire. She also knows how to get the crowd on side, but I’m sure it helps that she’s pretty, young, blonde and has a nice smile helps! With a little makeover (get rid of the chaps!), Erin could easily be a WWE Diva.

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